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    Do you remember the story about that lost dog named Marty? Just weeks ago, owner Suzan Roberts of Fluvanna (and many friends and strangers) used every media outlet possible to help track down her four-legged friend.

    After four days of rigorous searching, Roberts received word that Marty had traveled eight miles from their home near Lake Monticello. He ended up in the hands of caretaker Brad Smith of Ash Lawn-Highland, Home of James Monroe, and had suffered a number of seizures.

    Thanks to Brad, the young dog was taken care of and safely returned to his owner; however, the bond formed between the outdoorsman and the canine was said to be a little tough to overcome.

    “Brad mentioned he was going to keep Marty if no owner was found and was already thinking of calling him ‘Biscuit,’” says Marty’s “grandfather” Roger Cyr. “My heart went out to him.”

    As all this was happening with Marty, homeowner Kelly Robbins of Lake Monticello tried to absorb the newest event in her own life, “My daughter Madison showed up late one rainy night with a box full of three week old puppies. Nobody seemed to be taking care of them, so she decided to bring them home.”

    Then the Robbins’s heard the story of Marty “and his savior Brad. We thought he’d be a great match for one of our pups!” A blonde shepherd-husky mix that fits in the palm of one’s hand earned ‘Biscuit’ as her unofficial name and the search was on to see if Smith would keep her.

    “Meeting [Smith] took a bit of doing, but we are glad we did,” Robbins says.

    “I didn’t want to look at [the puppy],” Smith says, knowing that a glimpse of the curious and cuddly pup is all it would take for him to agree. And although “She’s sure got a belly on her. She can’t decide which color her nose should be…” and he already owns a cat more than twice her size, he offered to give Biscuit a home.

    “We are thrilled with his decision to look after her,” Robbins says. “Marty left some pretty big paws to fill! My hope is that Biscuit will be everything Brad wants her to be. May the two of them give each other a lifetime of everlasting love; this is our hope and prayer.”

    It has been a little over a week since the aptly named puppy was given a new home. A follow-up call to Ash Lawn-Highland proves this was the right choice.

    “She is already spoiled,” says organizer Baylor Reinhart, “Biscuit is now the main attraction around here. Brad is feeding her out of a bottle, giving her some mother’s milk.”

    Marty’s family is very happy to know that Smith has found his match. “This is the best news,” says “grandpa” Cyr, who has offered to pay any expenses for Biscuit to have her shots and be spayed when she is ready, “This has really made my day!”


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