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    Look just about anywhere on the Monster Commute website and you’re not only presented with the opportunity to explore the magnificent world of Monstru, you’re also invited to become an active participant in the success of its creators, Daniel and Dawna Davis. This is no accident.

    Through Steam Crow the Davis’ deliver exceptional artwork in a wide range of media, and yet each product maintains a distinctive look and feel that reflects and reinforces the company’s brand. Their websites’ design feature buttons, logos, artwork and widgets with a cohesive overall theme, so visitors to any of their sites are not simply passive viewers, they’re taking part in an immersive experience.

    One simple yet effective technique the Monster Commute creators use is to treat their readers as honored members of a team. When you think about it, all readers are collaborators to some extent – your webcomic’s success depends on their enthusiasm. Many webcomic creators already understand this and make a point of taking the time to read and answer comments and emails.

    The Steam Team have built their success on this approach – in addition to posting a new Monster Commute strip every weekday, they also share knowledge as artists, sales and marketing agents, and business owners – and they do so while working full time for their respective jobs and as partners and parents for their family. “It’s all about consistency,” says Daniel, “People will not want to invest in you unless they see that you’re going to be doing more of your work for a long time.”

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