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Charlottesville's hardest-working, plus-sized vocal celebrity keeps an open blog as part of her mission to live well. Have a look inside the behaviors & thoughts that prohibit weight loss and how Wendy handles them in her journey through obesity to successful weight loss.


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    I never dreamed that all the additional footnotes on my school report cards would lead to a speaking career; however, this kid who “talks too much in class” and “should refrain from entertaining” turned out to be completely thrilled at the way her life evolved.

    Here’s to you, Mrs. Fitzpatrick.


    I may not be your “everyday Christian” but I am Christian every day. I see myself and others as Christ did: passionate people who get confused easily and can’t possibly save themselves to spare their lives. If I do my part, then all of God’s creation might be a little more acknowledged, respected and admired.


    The first time I went on the radio was in the late 70’s on WBET in Brockton, MA. I was 8 years old. I called in to sell my favorite ice skates not because I wanted to be rid of my skates, but because I really REALLY wanted to be on the radio. I just couldn’t think of anything else to sell on that “community yard sale” bit.

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    So, I get a little excited about things. I like everything from altruism to back rubs – from biology to parenting! Nature, love, high thread counts, theme parties…gah! It’s safe to say I love just about EVERYTHING. Check out my Pinterest page or read my blog and share my “Cake of the Day.”

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    Remember back to that time of awkward firsts— first love, first rejection, first total freak out — and then imagine sharing your most embarrassing teenage writings and art in front of total strangers.

    In an upcoming segment of my NEW weekly radio show, “Conversations with Wendy,” I’ll have a chat with the filmmakers of Mortified – “a genuinely entertaining, but also subversively profound and surprisingly moving documentary” that reveals what growing up says about all of us.

    How embarrassed would you be to reveal, years later, to an audience what you wrote to yourself in your journal? My hope is you’ll embrace the moment and share the pain, laughter, and ultimate healing of your teenage self on the air with me!

    Break into your diary and see if you’d feel brave reading an entry or two. We don’t even have to use your name (but we will if you like!)

    Be MORTIFIED with me! I promise to share my heart-wrenching (emo) poetry – you might laugh so hard you’ll cry – Saturday, May 10th, in the 8 o’clock hour on Newsradio 1070 WINA. If you have a journal or diary entry to read on the air, give me a call! (434) 207-6300 or email WEdwards@CharlottesvilleRadioGroup.com & put “Mortified” in the subject. Only 4-5 entries will be aired. All calls and emails will be returned.

    Have a friend who still has his or her teen journals? Pass this on!


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    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. held a vision of America that included an imagined time when boys and girls of any skin color, creed or culture could hold hands as friends. Andrea Copeland, founder of Positive Channels (television production company using the power of media for good); Director of Member Education Services for the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce; and Charlottesville native reflects on how close we’ve come, as a community and country, to MLK’s dream. Click to listen!


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    A devastating childhood leads to an after school sport that helps to fortify a young man’s soul. Cameron Conaway’s CAGED: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet is a raw look at parent bullying that you can’t put down. Learn more about this life-in-review that won the 2012 Reader Views Literary Award for Best Book, Mid-Atlantic, and listen as we interview Poet Warrior Cameron Conaway on News Radio 1070, WINA: Just Click This!

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